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i2r News


We are very honored & feel privileged to be awarded a SILVER Medal at the European Product Design Award -2018,.. Its a very very proud moment for us in our design journey so far,.. 


The Defibrillator designed for our esteemed client "SKANRAY" has been chosen for the award. We are thankful to Skanray management for the opportunity given to us to be part of their product design development.


SattvaMedtech launches "Fetal Lite" a device designed to measure Fetal Heart rate, we at i2r design were associated with them since inception of this product, we have provided detailed engineering design and development support.


AuroLabs Launches Phaco emulsifier unit, i2r design is proud to have been associated in the design of this unit


CCP launches easy to use and configure Smart tags for temperature monitoring of cold chains 


Acuner Technologies Launches PROGRAMMABLE TIMER SWITCH, will automatically turn on/off your devices at set times. i2r design provided design support.



We are happy to announce that the "Defibrillator" designed for our client SkanRay Technologies has been introduced in the market and has been awarded "Silver Medal" at the EPDA 


i2r design hand holds RDP in the design of their latest Thin client product offering.


Neotech systems launches high end Home Door surveillance unit with camera functionality. i2r design partnered in its development journey 



Our client Clove Digital announces launch of the "Child Tracker" unit in the market


Remedio launches Fundus on Phone, a portable device which captures, stores and share high quality images of the retina/eye using a piggy backed smart phone integrated.

We helped RTM Dublin design the worlds first Baby Bottle Serlizer for their client NUMUM. This was a very interesting and challenging assignment from an engineering stand point. This product has lots of intricate details and parts with multi material mouldings. Selection of material (that could withstand the UV-C radiation) was very challenging. The product has recently launched in Dublin and reeived rave reviews.

Wipro gave us an opputunity to create the Industrial Design for an absolute low cost ATM machine as part of their design of "worlds greenest ATM" being created for their client Diebold. We are proud to let you all know that this product has been launched (albiet in a slightly modified form) and has gone on to become a major success for Diebold's rural penetration program.



Smart design ideas led to a pretty looking machine inspite of many manufacturing and tooling budget constraints.This is predominantly sheet metal design with minimal plastic parts.

The IFE designed in collaboration with AIRVOD India, who have their head office in Dublin has been successfully launched. The first 150 units were installed in Euro-Air Boeing 737. 


The complete system was designed around the key IFE module which along with its set of accessories allowed for seamless intergation as a SCP (seat centric unit). seat arm unit, bulk head unit and as well as a Control unit. The modular design construction coupled with some clever detailing has enabled replacement of defective parts & modules down to a couple of minutes time, saving precious operations cost.

This new design of the Domestic Wet Grinder was done for our clients Elgi, which helped them to establish themselves in the competetive mid segment of this market, 


The result was a very appealing and elegant design, The engineering design was meticulously done so as to keep the part count low, yet make the product sturdy enough to meet the 5 year warranty. This product has pushed up our clients turnover considerably.

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