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We are a highly acclaimed Industrial and Product Design Consultancy firm based out of Bangalore, India. We work with leading companies, start-ups and institutions, helping them create and bring to market successful products which are elegant, innovative and intuitive by design, thus enhancing their competitive position in the market place.

At I2R Design we are team of experienced product designers who are passionate about design and are full of entrepreneurial magic, we are ably supported in our endeavour by a highly skilled and motivated task force comprising of a team of Engineers, CAD professionals and Prototype makers. We also collaborate with others professionals and SME’s to understand people’s needs, behavior, likes, dislikes besides getting to know technologies and platforms in order to create appropriate design solutions that meet clients and people’s needs and often exceed their expectations.


We work across a wide spectrum of industries, which includes consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical electronics and consumer durables. Our clients to name a few include Wipro, Luminous Electronics, Onida, Elgi Appliances, Pyro Network, Godfrey Phillips, and international companies like Airvod & RTM, Harman, Dragon Tech etc.

In the last two decades that we have been in this business, more than 150 of our products have been introduced in the market place under leading brand names and have proved to be very successful and some have gone on to become iconic brands.


We Design:
We provide comprehensive design services covering complete gamut of activities related to Product Design and Development. We design Products based on customer brief with a strong focus on NPD (new product development). Concept sketches, high quality 3D modelling and rendering, color, finish and material, create mock-ups for visualization and market research.


We have recently entered the field of User Interface design wherein we are providing UI design solutions to software companies working in the product design space.

We Engineer: 
We provide engineering design services to not only our designed products but also to concept designs provided by our clients. Using our rich and diverse engineering experience we are able to provide effective product design solution that adheres to the form, meets the functionality, longevity requirements and cost targets. 


We Provide Prototype Support:
We complement the 3d virtual model with physical prototype support. Over the years we have developed an excellent network of vendors locally as well as overseas by which we are able to deliver prototypes be it 
aesthetic models, functional products or for marketing purposes, which meet client’s requirements in terms of functionality, quality as well as cost and time targets. We also undertake low volume production 
and pilot runs.

We provide Tooling Support: 
We undertake Tooling development on behalf of the clients. We provide support for vendor selection, quote analysis, technical support, sample reviews, report generation and clearing moulds for production.


Pilot Production Support

We also provide support during pilot production, which includes transfer of technical knowledge, training of personnel on assembly techniques and quality parameters.



For organizations to be successful in today’s highly complex, dynamic and competitive market environment, it is imperative that their products have a strong visual character, a personality of its own, so that it is able to appropriately communicate its purpose and stand out in today’s cluttered visual environment. Strong design presents organisations with an opportunity to establish a clear point of departure from competition and thereby gain market advantage.

Successful design requires knowledge, intuition, creativity, analytical ability, and unflinching commitment. We at I2R Design bring all this to the table; our vast experience in diverse industries provides our clients with a truly unique design advantage. We have this innate ability to quickly synthesize disparate needs into compelling product ideas that resonate with the market requirements.

At I2R Design we are passionately committed to evolving creative, functional and practical design solutions that answers clients and market place requirements, we therefore do not have a “house style” nor do we pursue path of arbitrary styling and superfluous decoration.


We work in close cooperation with management, marketing, production personnel, in-house design team and experts from other discipline at every stage of the product development so that we arrive at appropriate design solutions that meet the aspirations of the consumers as well as meet the objectives of the company.

When it comes to engineering design execution, we are extremely process oriented, we do multiple reviews at every stage of design so that products come out first time right, thereby reducing development times and associated costs.

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