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We have had our share of moments of which we are very proud of, ...


Series of Designs of Inverter  that we did for M/s Luminous Electronics has been voted year after year as the best product in the category. It has won numerous awards and is the preferred choice of the customer. It is constantly shown on popular TV channels like NDTV and Star Sports.

Some of the Design's of Television’ cabinets that we did in mid 90’s has been featured in Asian Electronics sources and has sold over half a million pieces.

We were the first to design a Fully Plastic body UPS for Luminous Electronics well before others even thought of it.

We are thrilled to see that some of the product designs that we did for luminous has been endorsed by none other than the Master Blaster "Sachin Tendulkar" ....

The world's first Remote Control with QWERTY + TOUCH PAD integrated  designed for use with IP STB

The Moped that we designed, that unfortunately did not see the light of the day

Some of our designs have been blatantly copied by our clients competitors

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